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FREE Atmel/AVR chips of your choice!

Okay, i know some of you think i'm mad, but if you have an Arduino at home, and want to buy some blank AVR chips on Ebay and bootloader/program them, DON'T! Instead, why not get them totally FREE from the manufacturer themselves? All you need is to do sign up at the Manucfaturer : Atmel website and you are good to go.

Go to the Atmel website and look at the categories at the left side. Go ahead and click on megaAVR or tinyAVR according to your choice. Then choose a model from the numerous varieties of avr chips. Once the page is loaded, click on Request Samples in the box on the top right corner. Then fill in all the details required. I used a fake company name : DanTech and company url : DanTech.blogspot.com. The rest is pretty simple, and i'd be happy to help if you have any hard parts like the notes page. I ordered 10 ATMega328P-PUs and 20 ATTiny85-PUs.

Then, i placed the order and a submition e-mail was sent to me. A few hours later, i got a confirmation e-mail stating that the chips have been shipped out and are on their way. A tracking number was added, as well. 

Have fun with your chips!



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I think what you did is horrible. You lied and abused policy.

Because of people like you, many great companies have changed their policies and sample programs are now limited.

You ordered how many? 86 chips? 10 or 20 of each?

I don't recall my company ever ordering more than 3 or 5 chips for testing, why would you need more? Are you selling them?


looks like all are limited to 3 now...3 per item, not 3 per order.  not sure what max per order is..

just tried ordering atmel samples got "limit 3" but still good find

Thank you very much! I certtainly appreciate this. So does my wallet.

When I try to register I get this:


Description: We're sorry. We are currently unable to accept registrations from your email domain. Please register with another email account. 


I tried with 4 different emails.. on gmail and hotmail and yahoo......

Please help me :(


I got it

What do i put when i get to the note page?
Since so many of us have been successful in getting the free samples, how about organizing this into some sort of a community competition? I don't have any idea of how we'll do this and what the competition will be but still, I want to know if people like the idea. Since almost all of us have ordered atmega 328pu, it will be fair if we limit ourselves to that chip.
How about it? Any ideas and opinions are welcome....

How about designing the coolest board for the ATmega328P-PU? A micro controller on it's own is not of much use. You need something to put it on :)

Mine arrived today. In massive box with a ridiculous amount of packaging.

Came with a statement of all the details, one of which was: "This is a free sample. Do not attempt payment."