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FREE Atmel/AVR chips of your choice!

Okay, i know some of you think i'm mad, but if you have an Arduino at home, and want to buy some blank AVR chips on Ebay and bootloader/program them, DON'T! Instead, why not get them totally FREE from the manufacturer themselves? All you need is to do sign up at the Manucfaturer : Atmel website and you are good to go.

Go to the Atmel website and look at the categories at the left side. Go ahead and click on megaAVR or tinyAVR according to your choice. Then choose a model from the numerous varieties of avr chips. Once the page is loaded, click on Request Samples in the box on the top right corner. Then fill in all the details required. I used a fake company name : DanTech and company url : DanTech.blogspot.com. The rest is pretty simple, and i'd be happy to help if you have any hard parts like the notes page. I ordered 10 ATMega328P-PUs and 20 ATTiny85-PUs.

Then, i placed the order and a submition e-mail was sent to me. A few hours later, i got a confirmation e-mail stating that the chips have been shipped out and are on their way. A tracking number was added, as well. 

Have fun with your chips!



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To look under the Buy tab on the home page and select request a sample. That'll bring you up to a page where you'll have to select between a registered user or new user. Proceed as is necessary with the common sense you've got in excess (as all of us, me included, are talented :P) and you'll be fine.

Im trying to make an account but it does not accept my email ...

That happened to me, So I made another E-mail

That happened with me. I used both my GMail accounts but they didn't work, then tried yahoo.com and it didn't work. Finally, I tried Rocketmail by yahoo and it worked. Make a new email on Rocketmail and it'll work...

The mail worked but dont seem to be getting the activation e-mail ...

It takes done time for them to send the confirmation email if you don't have a valid corporate email. Keep calm. If you ordered it this morning, it should be there in your inbox by this evening or night. Keep checking the atmel site for updates on the status of your shipment. They have to confirm your order too.

Wow, free stuff are raining this week!!


Created another email ad...didn't work!!!!!arrrgggh!!!!

That's the only mail that seems to work at the moment.

Linuxmail worked for me.