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Robi the third :)

Navigate via ultrasound and infra sensors
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Hello everybody.,

First, sorry for my english....
This is my first, second and also third robot :) This is continuous for me. But normally I want to say this is my first Robot. :) 

Nothing extra but I like too :). I learning the Arduino programming about 2-3 mounth ago and I decided, to build a robot is the best for learn some automatization. First I don´t explain so much things because of my english... But tomorrow I will write a little bit longer about my ideas. (and questions) :) And I will correct my english sentences :)

Robi is navigate via ultrasound sensor with pan servo, and 2 pieces (left, right side) infra sensor. The 2 infra is configured to about 12cm but the detection distance is little bit depends on the color of the material. The ultrasound configured to 20cm and than the robot is stop and ultrasonic look around. Robi have 3 speed right now. Later I want to write a new code with continuous speed controll. And there is my next big problem, the wheel encoder. :) If the distance is more then 80cm from a object, the speed is the maximum (not a real, but in the code now). If less, than turn to a lower speed till the object is only 20cm. And than look around. 

I used many many many idea from other robot codes. And sorry but in my code I didn´t listed all names where the codes from. Thank you for everybody the shared codes. This is the one of the bigest help for the amateur robot builders, I think. 

Robi every day some hours staying in the window and than mostly the accu have enough capacity for playing. Later I want to build a holder for the larger (2W) solar panel. Now this is only 1W. 

Update1: My code is not so nice and clean. But really this is my first littlebit more complicated code. :) 
Today I play with a wheel encoders a little bit. But I haven´t idea how can I implement to my code. Maybe better to rewrite all.... 
And the other what I want to do: Remote controlling via APC220 wireless ("serial interface") with a Arduino based remote controller.

The plan: Robot is running autonomous but if I push a dedicated button on the controller, robot is turn to remote controlled mode. And with a joystick I can control. Forward, reverse, right, left. Yes for this function need a total new code I think :) But first learning a little bit the autonomous mode. 

I had many problem with a motor noise. First this many noise killed the LCD 4bit communication. After some capacitor the noise is more less, but sometimes I think the Arduino also resetting. Yesterday 2 times happened same. 

Some pictures. 

Robi left side

Right side...

The second :D

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His movements are very quick and still avoids running into things.Great job!