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Bluetooth tank

For fun

Hi All

Recently I found this good site so decided to share and my work.

After wifi robot III (other versions are in my site http://msp430.tk) version I have decided that wifi router is super un-economic :). Lafonera eats 5W. So I have ordered cheap Bluetooth ttl adapter. Here is last tank chassis upgrade, by the way, best and stable. Bike chain tracks are good in corners plus in this chassis setup exists some kind of amortization :) Tank control is via android device (simple arrows UI control).

so here are some photos:


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The photos helped.  Do you have any problem with the chain catching the brackets?  


I will look into the whole setup.  Might need a heavier motor than I have to move the heavy chain.  Have to put it on my wish list.  






"Do you have any problem with the chain catching the brackets? " -- NO

here is setup without brackets - https://sites.google.com/site/mariusrdv/wifirobot3 

but as you can guess chain was falling in the corners :) (I think the problem was that driving wheels had too short gears)

You need just a good gear box, in my tank is 204:1 gear ratio, and small motors are operating on ~ 4V - 6V I guess.

Can you provide more detail on the Chaindrive.  Looks very creative.  I would like to try one myself. 





hmm, not sure what do you want to know exactly. I used simple bike chain, black wheels bought in bikes shop(those are used in back bike transmission). metal wheels are bearing wheels from standart skates wheels.

This is a Suuper Tank Robot

thanks :)