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Picaxe axe027 cable not working


I am new to this forum. I just received my AXE027 cable along with the PICAXE28 starter pack. After installing the drivers, I connected the board to the computer using AXE027. But when I try to program, I get the error that no hardware is found. Please help me resolve the issue.

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If you happen to be using Axepad, then you will have to go in the 'options'.
Under the tab 'port' ,you will have to select the correct port number.

You can see that port number by opening the device manager.Under 'ports(COM & LPT)' you will have to see that besides which port the axe027 has been listed.

turned out it was simply the fact that the serial port detector was looking in the wrong place - the initial options screen plus a connected and powered picaxe can sort that right out

i think i have that prob too.do you have mac

but i doubt such a small company like picaxe would create major differences in pc/mac software

I have removed the darlington chip with came with it and inserted a 330*8 resistor array instead. I have also added an L293D motor driver IC. Can it be the cause of my issue?  helpful post by Aaronsuper1 didn't help.

Whenever I searched for a solution to this issue on the web, I hear something about physical and virtual com ports. Anything about it?

I also used a usb programmer for picaxe(http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9260) with the same result. Got any ideas?

Thanks. Is there any way to know whether my microcontroller is a blank one or a picaxe?

This happens a lot. It is important to follow the installation steps in the right order, and for the operating system you are using. For example, Windows 7 installation is slightly different than other versions of Windows.

This helpful post by Aaronsuper1 may be useful.