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LMR Robot Trading Cards!

An idea popped into my head: it would be really cool to have trading cards of robots on LMR!


Events like RoboGames used to have robot trading cards. Some people still make them for their robots, and it is pretty cool!(http://robogames.net/buy-cards.php)


Making trading cards for robots on LMR would be great for events, like Maker Faire NY! For example, people could buy a 'set' at the LMR table, and then trade with other LMR'ians. If people finish one of ignoblegnome's or CTC's robot classes, they could get a free card! Or you could buy an entire 'deck'! And there could be a contest for card flinging robots!


What would be on the card?

• Name & pic of robot

• URL on LMR

• Username of creator

• Time & cost to build

• Material

• Brains

• Weight / height / dimensions

• Other stats & a description


Here are my questions for all of you:

• Is this a nutty idea?

• Would anyone be interested in this?


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  • Is this a nutty idea?


  • Would anyone be interested in this?


Did a little research into costs for printing these things. The smallest run I could find was for 100 cards of the same image. So we'd have to do a minimum of 100 cards for each robot. I'm not sure we'd ever use that many!

It's a fun idea though. I'll tuck it away in the back of my mind for MakerFaire.

If we picked a standard design, then anyone could create their own version of the card for their robot(s). 

Hi, I don't post very often but I think I can help this time. I work at a printer with a digital press i could get these printed in very small to medium runs at no cost, or at least very low cost. I can print on 340gsm semi gloss that should be just about heavy enough. Get some designs together and i can print a set of proofs. You don't have to have a lot of each one just set the deck out on A3 pages double sided and i'll print them.   Just a thought let me know what you think.


this is an awesome idea!

Nice idea!!