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Servo problem

Hi. Need some help here. Is it possible to control multiple servo motor with just one power supply? Coz i tried before to control 4 servo with one p.s but it didn't work.


Thanks in advance

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I am running my Chopstick Junior with just 4x AA Eneloop batteries and so far no problems. 

How do you create the pulses, do you create pulses at all for driving the servos? I think it's more a problem with the cuiscuit you built...any schematics available?

I don't think that the problem is in the circuit,coz it's working normally when I give each servo a seperate supply. Anyway here is the schematic I used.servo driver using 555


your picture is not showing up. You have to upload it the a server and put the link in your post...

Now :-)

Seems ok. However, if you power only one servo at the time it's working?

do you trigger them all at once with the same signal? Do you have a common ground for power supply and signal?

I start to believe that your batteries are dead or at least half dead to get out the full power. No other ideas though.

I have one circuit for each servo, one supply for each servo or at most one supply for two servo. The position can be control by varying the resistance in the pot. Yes all the supply has common ground. Maybe it's an issue of current rating in the battery.