Let's Make Robots!

My (almost) first robot.

I'm building this robot, it's "my first one" (yesterday i did one incomplete because the program crashed at the end), right now it's just in building process, but the main goal is to make him fight like the characters in Super K.O. boxing (the game for iphone and android). It works with 9 servos, the picture only shows 7 because the other ones have not been added yet. And it's programmed with the Arduino Uno R3, yes I'm a rookie in this :)


First update, the robot right now is throwing some punches and saying hi, in the end I'll use some buttons, but right now he's just doing it in a secuence. :)

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That's amazing! I love he little feather servos (I use those all the time) Also, would you mind writing a guest post on my robotics blog about your robot.

Wow, this guy looks already like a winner :-)

Video please!

i love robots with faces!!!!

you should make a way to lose