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Metatron - Autonomous Robot

Navigates to GPS Points with Object Avoidance

Autonomous Robot - GPS, Tilt Compass, Arduino Mega, Wild Thumper Motor Controller, Wild Thumper Chassis.

What else do you want to know about this robot?


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Neat could you post a bit more


perfect robot..!!!!!!

Like it a lot, but where is it programmed to go? a gps location or something else?

This robot currently finds multiple pre set gps locations and returns back to the location when powered on. I'm in the process of reconfiguring the design and adding a keypad. I'll make a new video with better descriptions of the new capabilities.

$100? did you get the wild thumper for free or something?

Nice bot. +1 for the use of Lego :P

It'd be nice if you posted some more details. 

I've completed the body and hardware upgrade to version 2.0.  I am now working on the software to enable new functionality provided by the additional sensors and hardware.

Unfortunate double post. Please remove.


This looks like a very interesting project and it would be nice to see some of the programming and circuitry. However it has been a month with no forward progress!


I'm building a very similar robot, however I am very new to programming, you do not have the code to send me to study their logical