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Programming Wild Thumper Controller

Well, I'm building a Internet Controlled Robot. Just before I ask, let me show the prototype:


This prototype have a dual 2A driver linked to a Arduino Mega, ethernet shield and stuff.


Now I bought a 6wd Wild Thumper chassis and a Wild Thumper controller. I saw it's an arduino nano compatible and has a RC receiver code built in.
I don't understand how the input in D0 and D1 works.
Has anyone changed the RCmode() function to operate with PWM input instead these "1500" value of RC?







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Thanks OddBot.

Just wondering if i2c won't cause conflict, as I use the other arduino with the official Ethernet Shield, I2C and Ethernet Shield uses the pin 4.

I will try, the idea of use I2C sounds good :D.




To begin with, although the code uses D0 and D1 (to save pins for servos) you can receive PWM signals on any spare I/O pin. If you go into the IO_pins tab you can change what your input pins are very easily.

If you read the Arduino reference under advanced I/O you will see that the pulsin() command can be used to measure any PWM input. Not just the standard radio control signals.

If you wish to control the Wild Thumper controller from another Arduino board then I would suggest the I2C bus would be easier and faster because the pulsin() command stops everything while it waits for the signal.