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Motor Shield Recommendation

The motor shield I have interferes with using interrupts, PWM and servo library. So now I'm looking for a new one, any suggestions? I have a proximity sensor set up as a bump switch and would really like to move the code out of the loop and trigger the code with an interrupt. The motor shield I have uses pins 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Pins 10 & 11 are the problem.

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build your own motor driver shield. Either, buy a breadboard shield or a protoboard shield and add a couple stacks of 293s or 754410s and route the pins you want to use to the motor drivers, maybe using a hex inverter or a couple discrete NOT gates.

Stacked drivers to get more current per motor

How to include the NOT gates to save pins

BYOB is great for complete control over what you want but I'm trying to get with the times and take advantage of current offerings. Otherwise I'm back to my CanBot (I could hijaak the h-bridge I built for that) and re-inventing the wheel (or motorized wheel) so to speak. I'm just trying to avoid the trial and error of buying boards until I find one I like. Don't have the funds for that.

Also, I have other ideas in mind that keep me from going the homebrew route. The ability to use off the shelf products would be handy as this is just a test platform and the final product might not be one of a kind. :-)

Buy a Sabertooth from Dimension Engineering??

Their expensive, but worth it.

You can control them with one pin via simplified serial or packetized serial.