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DTFusion - Dual channel servo 180º travel extender

Vendor's Description: 

This servo travel extender was designed for pan/tilt systems and more specifically for FPV. It was designed to meet the need of RC entusiasts that want a bigger view angle without buying expensive digital servos. Since is dual channel we only need one per each pan/tilt system.

video: http://youtu.be/axv0_wjVX4Q


DtFusion Advantages over other servo travel expanders

  • Dual channel
  • Low profile
  • Low weight
  • Included cable extender


  •  Designed for FPV pan/tilt systems
  •  Low profile design (13mm * 30mm)
  •  Low weight < 4gr
  •  Included cable extender
  •  Dual independent Channels (1 dtFusion can control both servos of a pan/tilt system)
  •  Advanced Jitter prevention
  •  Ultra Low power requirements
  •  Lost signal "Led"


  • Tested with 9g Servos and standard Analog Servos that are mechanically capable of 180º
  • Verify if your servo can do 180º by gently moving the horn
  • 5V max voltage and 3 Amps max current
  • If only 1 channel is used a Y connection should be used from receiver to the dtFusion board
  • Digital servos are not supported
  • Although there is a minimum chance of radio interference, it should be avoided placing dtFusion near the antenna.
  • When using DtFusion do not increase servo range percentage in the remote, keep it at 100%

Can be bought either from the store or our ebay listing