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DTFusion - Dual channel servo 180º travel extender


This servo travel extender was designed for pan/tilt systems and more specifically for FPV. It was designed to meet the need of RC entusiasts that want a bigger view angle without buying expensive digital servos. Since is dual channel we only need one per each pan/tilt system.


DtFusion Advantages over other servo travel expanders

  • Dual channel
  • Low profile
  • Low weight
  • Included cable extender


  •  Designed for FPV pan/tilt systems
  •  Low profile design (13mm * 30mm)
  •  Low weight < 4gr
  •  Included cable extender
  •  Dual independent Channels (1 dtFusion can control both servos of a pan/tilt system)
  •  Advanced Jitter prevention
  •  Ultra Low power requirements
  •  Lost signal "Led"


  • Tested with 9g Servos and standard Analog Servos that are mechanically capable of 180º
  • Verify if your servo can do 180º by gently moving the horn
  • 5V max voltage and 3 Amps max current
  • If only 1 channel is used a Y connection should be used from receiver to the dtFusion board
  • Digital servos are not supported
  • Although there is a minimum chance of radio interference, it should be avoided placing dtFusion near the antenna.
  • When using DtFusion do not increase servo range percentage in the remote, keep it at 100%

Can be bought either from the store at www.dronetech.eu or our ebay listing:



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Sure, but we all use microcontrollers here and thus, can output any pulsewidth we would need. Why in the world would we need this? Let alone two!

I ask you, Spammy McSpamerson!

Sorry Chris, I totally didn't mean to spam, I just posted a component and then saw that there was an advertisement area in the forum so I thought this is the right place to put it.

The component itself its only usefull for people that want to use it in RC planes or cars and want 180º without expensive servos, just put this thing between the RX and the Servo and thats it. There are a bunch of these products out there but none with 2 channels.

I respect your opinion but there is a need for these in the RC community probably not in this community. 

Sorry it offended you and some moderator please feel free to delete my content that its not apropriated for this forum.