Let's Make Robots!

Virtual Programming Trainer !!!

Hey guys,

My friend recentley created a virtual trainer to help teach you programming of simple robots by solving a series of challenges;


He would appreciate any feedback you guys have!


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I have to agree with the Birdmun.


P.S.: I have noticed on the 2nd level (motor reverse test) if I put the motors on top of the robot and let them both go on -1 the robots turns slightly to the right. When I put the motor on the bottom of the robot with the same "program" it goes straight.

since I don't know the exact language that is being used, I can't manage to get past the first 2 scenarios. If there was a link to keywords and maybe examples on their usage, I could probably get farther along, and, even learn a thing or two.

PS - Ok, I managed to figure out if then statements. It doesn't seem to allow for functions? Without debugging or knowing how to print something out, it is difficult to know where it is in the code. So, fixing things would be a maddening reiteration of try and fail until you succeed.

fun game - a great way to get people into programming/robotics.

I'd reccommend having the run robot button higher up in the screen though.. I have to keep scrolling up and down. nice work!



That console hurts my eyes.

Cool toy, just started playing with it :P