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This morning I was going to try my "RADAR" project on my beautiful new Panda II. The last time I had carefully put away the board (on an anti-static mat). The board was working fine.

I have a old "bed table" to do all my work on and when I came back into my room I found a styrofoam cup sitting on my white prototyping board (right next to the Panda II board!!!) The cup was empty (except for a drop of coffee) and had NO reason to be setting where it was. The nurses here drink coffee and put the empty cups anywhere at all (and I have WARNED them what static can do to small circuits, but they simply don't understand.)

The Panda II is now "fried" with no LED coming on during turn on. The Panda II will accept no program code (even a basic "blink" program). The USB port won't acknowledge it as even being there! It is as dead as a doorbell. (Like I said, it worked just fine before putting it away.)  I have tried a list of troubleshooting techniques to try to bring it back but it really is dead. (A Arduino board works on the same USB port and cable without a problem.)

I am abandoning electronics/robotics for a while, so that means an end to the RADAR project. Look up luckylarry on the web to find good instructions to build your own.

I said caution as the tittle because I suspect the Panda II is HIGHLY damageable with even small amounts of static.

(Buyer beware...)

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Sorry this setback is driving you to abandon the hobby for now. These things do happen, and I hope you will be back!