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Timer K2579RS Help

I recently got this:http://www.vellemanusa.com/products/view/?id=350494

My problem is that I need to attach a motor to the timer so that once the time ends, the motor turns. The problem is that I havn't been able to get that. Please help. I need this by tommarow!! Thanks!


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Your link does not go anywhere except the landing page for the website.

When you enter the website and search "K2579RS" nothing comes up.

12v power, + and - going to the 2 small pins that power the board.

12v + going to one lead of the motor

The other lead of the motor going to NC on the relay

12v - going to common on the relay 

I connected everything like you said and as soon as I plug in the power, the motor tuns. This isn't making since.

Does the motor stop when you press the start button?

You can swap the motor lead from the N/C contact to the N/O contact to reverse the on/off behaviour.
I think the default will be to turn the motor off when the timer is running, and turn the motor on if the timer has finished, but also turn the motor on if the timer has not started yet.

How do you want the motor to run from power up? Try to describe the exact sequence, i.e.:
1) Motor is off when power is switched on.
2) Timer is started.
3) When timer finishes, motor turns on.
4) Motor stays on unless power is switched off or timer is started again.

Here is the top of my board:


Here is the bottom of the board: