Let's Make Robots!

What did you do with your robot today?

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I'll go first,

I started wiring a robot leg till I got bored.

Then purchased some color accents for my evil creation (insert evil laughter)



I finished wiring the first leg, one to go ;-)


I found out my mig doesn't have enough balls to weld aluminum.

A new combo welder is on the way!

So I can weld up a 2 segment chassis for my robot project.

I'm almost finished wiring up the second leg.

On that topic, I hate it when you start wiring and find a better method after you've done half the project.....doh!


I took some advice a buddy gave me and played around with soapy water as a CNC lube.

How did that work?

Old post but I will reply

It worked crappy because I didn't know at that time that its made from Paraffin Wax and Lanolin. In knowing that now perhaps a home brew coolant could be made and work decent. Cost would be the final answer to this concept. But really its a concept that is completely long over due with the ever increasing prices on everything. A 55 gallon drum of coolant we use for aluminum is $1500. Nuff Said!




I sent gave him the idea of making his own cutting fluid as he had problems with engine oil as a cutting fluid.

Here's the basis of my suggestion:

Check out the cutting fluid Tap Magic.

While they have some traditional oil based products. Their environmental/biodegradable product line is soap based cutting fluid.

Not exactly a robot but very close ;-) I placed my BEAM solar head on a more sunny spot ;-)

today I placed an order for a tamiya tracked vehicle set as my robot's chassis, and Im currently working on code ideas.