Let's Make Robots!

What did you do with your robot today?

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I have just started out with this robot building and wasn't sure where to begin and how to simply test my ideas and thanks to the information that you guys have shared on this site I was able to test my Arduino UNO, Motor Shield and motors to see if they worked and what effect the current draw had on the shield and it all worked perfectly. I will get some Heat Sinks for the IC's in the shield and I found some purpose built heatsinks at Jaycar Electronics in Australia that will do the job nicely so to all the members of Lets Make Robots a big thank you. Now to design the simple 2WD Robot and put it all together. Cheers LMR, Terry.

I put air in Hormes' new tires and had to swap out a bad tube for one of the old ones. Also Hormes has a facebook page. Because, you know, reasons.

I taught Anna's new brain project to use NLP to guess the part of speech for any word, guess the spelling of a singular word for any plural, a plural for any singular, and remember these guesses and her previously learned exceptions in her DB.  Very happy! Getting one of the various forms of a word from a form being used in speech had been something of a weakness.

I'm working on getting my IMU to talk with my Teensy 3.1.

I wrote '7000' versions of the same code for my bot Armora . And none worked as intended.

Today I ground down the welds on Frits and threw a coat of primer on him so he doesn't rust.

No one wants a rusty Frits!  :-P


Today I threw some gloss black paint on various frame bits and pieces. It will take several days to spray all the sides/angles and parts. Maybe next week I'll finally make another update to the build page (fingers crossed)  :-)

I threw the final coat of black on Frits and next will be the final asembly of the legs and arms onto the chassis!  Woot!


Maybe I will finally have me a funny walkin lil buddy soon!  :-)

I just fried 7 microservos by connecting a lipo battery the other way around. Surprisingly, one servo and the board survived.

Today I created a new robot game for the school kids to play. Its a variation of the game "Fetch" only with cans on both sides of the start box, instead of 2 cans only on the opposite side of the game board from the start box. The idea being that they would get a single point per can retrieved. So with 3 cans to choose from, to retrieve, on two different sides of the start box. It makes the game a little more challenging without being over the top difficult for new robot builders to play.

For those who don't know. My school groups always use Lego robotics kits for these games.