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Radio Alternative Suggestion?

I have an application where I am operating a Wild Thumper 100’ away in a thick walled steel tank. My concern is my Spectrum DXi Radio will not be able to control the vehicle in the steel tank.

Does anybody have any suggestions on a wired controller or alternative solution?


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Thanks again for the suggestions. I think the long cable might have to be the solution. I have read the issues about multipath with the different radio frequencies this is really not a trail-an-error application.

If I went with a wired controller, are there plans for one or a kit available? I know they are pretty simple but this helps with getting started quickly (as demonstrated by this site!)



a. a long cable

b. a relay beacon of some description (wi-fi? ir? 3g?) which either you can place at the entrance yourself, or have the bot drop as a payload

c.  wrap the tank in 1 km of copper wire, charge via high voltage.. and use this on the bot: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9312

(remove any jewellery beforehand?)

can you transmit audio via speaker at the entrance? laser? 

Stick a relay through the hole after the thumpers gone through???

Thanks for the reply.

I cannot access the tank. There is a hole big enough for the Thumper only.

ir beacon relay chain?

via above-tank hovering quadcopter relay link (? laser, ir, radio)

3g cellphone text messages?

does the tank have a ceiling?