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Solve's a maze and remembers the quickest route.
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aMaze is A Maze solving robot.

Custom build using an Arduino bootloaded atmeag328p as the brain, a SN754410 as Motor Control, all wired on a solderless breadboard and fitted to a laser cut chassie designed by myself.

It solve's the maze by using the left-hand rule and remembers all the turns so on the next run, it'll go straight to the finish. Line detection is from a Pololu QTR digital array (without the Lib).

A Big Thank you to Patrick McCabe as his maze solving tutorial is the best.


I've attached the Robot Chassie Design and will upload the code when i get another chance (as .ino is not acceptable). UPDATED! Code is attached.

All the extra holes on the chassie are incase I ever want to put a UNO or Mega board on it. Plus room for a 9g Servo, IR/Ping sensor mounts, LDR's and what ever else I could think of ;-)

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good construction, 


I can study much of this .... Thank for the posting to forum


It looks like how I make robots, but the wiring is much neater!

Just a suggestion for the future:

Add a servo and a sensor (Ultrasound or IR) to the top in front and with a bit of reprogramming, you have a wall avoider! (Autonomous even!)

There is a lot of potential there!

Any way you look at it, it is a great robot.



You could just rename the .ino to .pde, or, just add .txt to the end of it.

On another note, nice bot, and, good work.

Done :-) I just was in a rush.

Cheers for the comment.