Let's Make Robots!

Any Botbuilders in central Florida?

Don't know where to post this or if it's appropriate (I'm sure I'll find out if not) but anyone in the central Florida area interested in getting a robotics group together? Since I've searched and couldn't find an existing group I figured I would start one myself.

F.R.O.G (Florida Robot Odyssey Group) - journey to the future of robotics!

We can build a frogbot for competition or work towards a marketable product. Or just sit around playing with robots. 

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Where around Central Florida? I'm west coast in Sarasota

I'm actually in Longwood, about 10 miles north. There's a local hackerspace lab run by FamiLAB in Longwood so I might check there to see if they will host the meetings. Sarasota is a long drive.

have you looked for local hackerspaces? They would have a fair amount of hardware that might allow for options a robotics club by itself would not likely manage.

The local hackerspace lab is primarily interested in playing with 3D printers. That's what I gather from the open house I attended last week.I only heard of one young kid getting ready to go off to college that was interested in building an entry for one of the robot challenges. That's what prompted me to consider starting a club. Unfortunately for me their membership cost is beyond my current finances but I do intend to see if they can host our meetings at their lab.

When I looked into robot challenges they all seem to be school based and just the base developement kits are much more than I can afford so I'm sure it could get real pricey. Having a school behind you is almost a must. Any suggestions on getting company sponsorship?

Really, at this point I just want to find some locals to kick around ideas and build stuff and see where it goes.