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tricky tracks

hi peeps

ok - anyone who reads my "AKIRA" page probably knows exactly what i'm about to ask...

Tracks... please advise.

more detail? ... ok

I'm currently using rubber tracks on a smooth wooden floor (and carpet in the future) and hit a problem when i tried to get my bot to turn on the spot - it ripped the gearbox to shreds and dislocated both powered wheels.

My first option has been to cover the rubber with PVA glue to reduce traction - but im not sure how this will survive on carpet or over time so i'm now looking at plastic tracks as an option.

the ones i really like are the solarbotics as they have an outside which is fairly flat and thus wont grip too greatly onto carpet - but my god the price is insane.

the alternative is the tamiya (both found here) but i'm worried that although the plastic will allow slippage on the smooth wood when it comes to carpet the ridges on the tracks will grip very greatly and put me back in my current position.

any ideas people?



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maybe the tamiya with twin thin lines of starbrite liquid electrical tape or similar compound applied around the track, so it looks like train tracks with sleepers (sort of)?  this would give a bit of traction but not too much, and as it wears down or comes off you could reapply it.  I would imagine it would be a little sacrificial under major torque too.


   There was a similar discussion this week on Arduino forum, everyone has similar experience with tracks. The electrical tape suggested above sounds like its worth a try otherwise on the Arduino forum the two suggestions were - turn less and use the litte guide wheels on the inside of the track.

I have tamiya tracks on my robot without the guide wheels, it works well on interior tiles and is hopeless on outdoor tiling.

If you try Jorgens idea for using tape let us know how you get on.

Duane B


to clarify, it should be more like 2 small beads of rubber running around the circumference of the tracks, not just electrical tape.