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New LBD geared motor for small robots

DAGU have now released a modified version of our Little Black Duck analog servo.

This is the Little Black Duck servo, modified for continuous rotation with the control circuit removed making it into a simple geared motor with a ball raced output shaft. This motor is perfect for small robots and can be easily driven by an L293D or a controller with a built in "H" bridge such as our Micro Magician.

The video shows a simple robot using two of these motors to drive the wheels and a Little Black Duck servo to raise/lower the pen.


DC Voltage:                           3V - 6V

No load current at 5V:        110mA ±10%

Stall current at 5V:              650mA ±10%

Speed (No load at 5V):        100RPM ±10%

Torque at 6V:                         2Kg/cm maximum

Weight:                                   9.1g

  Dimensions (mm):



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Nice little motor OddBot. But why not keep the controller board in to use it as a servo without an H-bridge? Is it space or costs or something else?

Continuous rotation servos are generally a problem because their "stop" position literally changes with the weather as they are temperature sensitve. And yes the controller is relatively expensive.

This way you get a compact geared motor that can be mounted like a servo, it has a ball bearing on the output shaft and is easily controlled directly by several controllers that have a "H" bridge IC built in such as my Micro Magician, GuiBot's Motoruino, Picaxe 28X1 development board and others.