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I2C servo controller schematic and layout

Hello LMRians!


So after half a day of work I came up with this board design for an I2C servo controller (the schematic was done in 10 mins..). So could you please check if this design is going to work as it's the first board I've ever designed?


The schematic:


And the board layout without the GND planes:


With the GND planes:

I'm planning to get them manufactured by iTeadStudio, 10 dual layer 5x5cm boards for $9.90 (that must be the incredibly cheap one hung low board house).

Thanks for your help in advance!


EDIT: I've added an ON LED, POWER LED (for servo voltage) and a reset button. Somehow LMR file uploader won't let me upload the redesign with the reset switch without the GND planes but on the picture with the GND planes you can see the reset switch.

I've made some traces thicker as suggested but I didn't make the servo signal and the xtal traces thicker because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to squeeze them next to eachother.

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In my mind, I simply see no reason not to use the widest trace you can fit. I would double or tripple the width of all your traces --no matter if they are data-level or power.