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Sharp sensors....again

I recently posted about stuggling to even make my robot work using the LMR instructions, with the forums help it turned out i fried my Sharp infra red sensor. I replaced it and my robot worked perfectly :) now, when i turn my robot on it is constantly stoping and aparntly 'seeing things' and wont move. I have used the Picaxe programming editor and the value b0 does change but it doesnt go down to 0 when i remove my hand away from it. PLEASE HELP! im not really in the mood to mess around with these any more so i was wondering if there is a low budget sensor which isnt a sharp that is easily programmable and will work with a Picaxe 28 or if i am just being thick and it is a simple fix. Thanks guys!!

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Check your battery pack voltage. Sounds sorta like when I'd run my pack down during testing and the distance readings would get wonko.

I had a sharp sensor with two of the wires crossed so the picaxe got some strange constant readings...


here is the link, it has some great input and test from other members and more detail about what happened to mine.



I don't think I have ever seen a sharp sensor go all the way to 0..  ..ever. Sharps will jump around a bit and, at least the one's I have used, show 30 or 40 when seeing infinity. 

In terms of "seeing things" --This seems like good ol' thresholds. I think you simply need to adjust the "danger" levels. --The point at which we say something is too close or not.

Once again you guys have saved me from the brink!! turns out it needed a simple charge -.- thank you!!