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Hello again.

I made this post because I want to find to out what is the most suitable eeprom for my tests.

Ok here is the thing I want to save the timezone on the eeprom ,also make markpoints with saving the cordinates I get from a gps(em 406 module)to the eeprom when it is needed .The thing is that dont know what eeprom to order and how to play with it .

Any suggestions ?

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sd card. You can connect via SPI. You can remove it and have it read by a computer. You can be really cheap and use a twin row of male jumpers to act as a simple connector.


I got an idea Ill do the same thing though more convenient and robust .

I will solder a micro sd to sd adapter to some headers and then I will only have to put in a micro sd card .

Then it will be easier to remove and read with my pc .

What do you think?

heres some info about how to use eeproms:


scroll down for the eeprom bit.