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PS Vita Controlled Rover 5

This is a robot that i built recently using the .Net Gadgeteer platform.

It's based on a Rover 5 chassis and Explorer PCB

The robot is controlled by a Playstation Vita.

I'm running a socket server on the Gadgeteer mainboard and a socket client on the Vita which i wrote in c# using the playstation mobile sdk

The motors of the Rover are controlled by the analog sticks on the Vita, the left stick drives the left motor and the right stick drives the right motor.

I've also attached a Dagu 2dof Robotic arm to the front of the robot. The up and down movement of the arm is controlled by the d-pad on the Vita, and the gripper is controlled by the left and right shoulder button.

I'm using a portable router as part of the robot so he has his own wireless network. The gadgeteer board connects to the router by ethernet, and the vita connects over wifi. This is good as i dont have to rely on having an external wireless network present to use it.

I also plan to add a wireless ip camera to this robot and stream the video to display on the vita.

You can read more about this robot on my blog

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Congratulates, a good development. I also have a project "Rover-5" with Arduino-Mega controller ... for the future

Greet out east Germany