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Programming microcontrollers (or build microcontroller from scratch)

Dear all,

I am abosolutely beginner but have experienced with programming. I have dreamed to build a robot for ages and I have keep searching on google but have no luck because the tutorial is not for beginner. So hope you guys can pin point me to any beginner tutorial on how to build our own simple microcontroller or breadboard to just do simple task ex: blinking the led something like that which I can just follow the instruction with clear picture and I will be able to make it myself.

P.S. honestly, I don't know even the differences between microcontroller and breadboard.

I am googling for 4 weeks already tired now!


Best Regards,


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Change the title of this post!

As a word of advice, you REALLY need to change the title of this post. Basically, you are going to piss-off a bunch of people, then after a while, Frits will get sick of seeing the title and will A) delete this post and B) delete your account. This is not a joke.

"Please Help" is the single worst thing you can do around here. Like, really-really.

Change it NOW, dude.

BTW, "I will change it soon 'lolz'" does not help your case at all. --Even more so when you didn't.

Thanks man for the advice. 

Anyway, I am new here so don't mind.

I do it right away.



Thank you Chuck! For Arduino I like your first link very much the lesson is precise and I don't know how come I did not come across this good link so far with googling for sometimes on Arduino.



Shojiki: Please read the Rules, understand what you are doing wrong, and edit your post. Or die.


Thanks for the link I will update my post soon I wanna be alive lolZz.

Btw, Have a good one to all.

Thank you!


Hey, you just need to change the subject line to something that people can navigate from - howabout "Programming microcontrollers" or something? Please fix the title - I know a webmaster on this site who is very kean on killing because the site is so clean for "Please help me"-posts, and he intends to keep it that way.


In general, since you are new; E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g on this site is something _we_ made. _we_ are also _you_ now. This site belongs to you.

You are building it when ever you post.

You are NOT building a good site with a headline that ..well..  imagine if everyone did like you have done so far.. you see? Then there would _be no site_, so it is serious, not a joke.

yes I am new so please don't mind and.

"imagine if everyone did like you have done so far.. you see? Then there would _be no site" 

Yes I got your point.

I will do it now!