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Arduino bluetooth

    Well I want to have a wireless communication with an arduino and iphone i want to be able to controll a number of peripherals using touchosc but i dont want to use a xbee since you would need a pair and 2 arduinos (correct me if mistaken). I want to use a serial bluetooth module like the sparkfun thing how is it possible. I know how to use touchosc without bluetooth but the arduino has to be connected to the computer so please help.

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There is an Instrucable about Arduino & Bluetooth.

Thank you I already saw that that's what I'll do.
I understood everything Bluetooth spp makes the arduino think it's connected by a wire so I don't have to worry about that. It's just that I don't understand proccesing and I don't want to use but I must. The code is so confusing so I will probably controll the bot from a laptop.