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Pronterface + Makerbot issues

Ok here is the thing .

Im trying to get my makerbot thing-0-matic mk6 work with the pronterface printing software .

I found out that pronterface communicates in raw gcode something replicatorg doesn't do .

So I assumed that different firmware will be needed .

And found out that teacup or scribblej firmware would work with the tom .

Though I have some questions .

Why there is only firmware for the motherboard while in the replicatorg there is firmware not only for the motherboard but also 

for the extruder controller ?

Why when I tried to upload the same firmware to the extruder controller I couldn't do it ?(meaning it didnt write to the chip and stucked on the process)

Is there actually a firmware for the extruder controller and if not how the whole thing will work together ?

Also when I only uploaded the firmware to the motherboard and tried to connect to the pronterface ,I got an error on

the command line saying couldn't connect to port 7(motherboards usb driver )though I have installed ftdi drivers succesfully ...

What is going on here ,can someone help to figure out everything and get it working ?

Thanks anyway for your time .