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picaxe and alarm clock


Hello I’m new to lmr and still pretty new to picaxe. I would like my alarm clock when it goes off to send a signal to coffee pot to turnon. I know i will probably need a picaxe in both of them that communicate by a rf transmitter and receiver. Maybe alarm clock goes off with a mosfet connected to picaxe1 sends a signal to the picaxe2/coffee pot that uses a relay to control the pot's power on?


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you seem to have a pretty broad understanding of what you will need. You probably won't need much in the way of extra hardware at the alarm clock end of things. You might be able to get away with a pair of 8 pin PICAXE chips and a tx/rx pair of cheap rf modules, like the 433Mhz systems. You will probably want a timer that will shut off the coffee pot after a given amount of time. I would also suggest a bypass, so you can have coffee anytime of the day.

II have a 08m2 and a 18m2. Today i received a onshine rx/tx module in the mail but still need to read up on how to use them. the alarm clock part is the part that I really could use a push in the right direction on what kind of transistor to use and a little understanding on how the picaxe reads that signal,maybe what commands to research? . I have worked a little with bipolars but not fets .


What kind of alarm clock is it: When it's using a piezo beeper then you could just take this signal to trigger your µC via a transistor. But make sure the output of the alarm clock does not exceed your allowed input signal. 

So i f the alarm clock goes off then the input get the high signal and will run the program to transmit the "coffee maker on" signal to your remote location.


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