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555 Timer Photovore Robot

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This is a simple robot that I made for my cousin, it only uses 2 LDRs, 2 geared motors, and a 555 timer IC.

I reused a Tamiya Tank tread kit and gearbox for locomotion. All powered by 4 AA batteries. The batteries, IC, and switch are all housed in an Altoids tin.

Not much more to say about this robot (Sorry OddBot) 

Requested pictures: 

Schematic I found from the internet.

There's not much to see on the inside because i DeadBugged the 555 Timer.


EDIT: As of July 25, 2012 this robot no longer belongs to me. It has been shipped off to Chicago to give company to my cousin.

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i am planing to build something like that only much much smaller


Remember to use high geared motors because this robot takes shallow turns, so a slow moving robot will perform better, that was the only real problem I had. I would also use a potentiometer in parallel of the LDRs to trim the sensors if needed.

Yes, we used small gear motors but no pot for the testing. 

I tried it last night and it's working. However, we started with 3.7V but it needs a bit more juice. Best running with 6V.

Now we got another simple line follower, with a 555...cool.


Well, that's a good decision, so you need to build another companion for yourself ;-)

great concept! I like it alot......

This was my first robot I ever made. 

Same circuit as in the Hivebugs! I love this BEAM design, its a great beginner project and tons of fun to make.

Simplicity is bliss


Never heard of the term deadbugging before....and I've been doing this a long time.....

Is it soldering the components directly to the chip? I don't know,,,,