Let's Make Robots!

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That 4 rechageble AAs won't work well if their voltage is too low. The motors seem to run fine, but the light seeking behaviour is impaired. I wouldn't recommend 3 AAs

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Yep, we need schematics, video, a look inside the "box". There is so much ti say about this robot.... :) (need a purpose to dig out my 555's)

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Is this the correct way to attach the potentiometer? (Ignore the switches in the begining ;) )


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See answer above.  :-)


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The photodiodes replace LDRs (needed IR not "White Light")


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I think, if I got the schematic right in my head, you're using two 555 timers in astable mode to generate the motor PWM and the LDRs vary the RC time constant to change the pulsewidth of the motor PWM.

Am I right? :P

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I'm using a much simpler method. One 555 timer, two dc motors, not servos. a voltage divider output from the ldrs is fed into the 555 timer. I'll post a schematic soon.

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Thanks for posting the schematic. 

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Yeah I was thinking of two geared DC motors but only one 555? Now I'm interested in the schematic :)

Anyway nice and simplistic and it does it's job