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Soldering Iron Temperature Controller

After buying a crap soldering iron, I found that its not good enough to solder even the most basic of things. I have a $30 gift coupon in RobotShop thanks to jorgen and I thought of using it to buy a new iron for me. Ideally, I want to buy something like this but my budget is limited, so limited that I can't buy it. As a result, I have decided to buy this iron. Even though that comes with a replaceable tip (which is required by me), it doesn't have a temperature controller, not even a manual one. So I thought if you guys will be good enough to help me make a temperature controller. Any links that help are appreciated.

Searching on Google, I found 2 of these links as relavent-Instructables and Another site. How relevant are they to this iron is the question (Sorry, I don't have the iron in my hand to experiment with)...

Well , I've decided to buy this iron. The robotshop issue was solved pretty easily. I tried to claim the gift card jorgen had given me to buy the iron mentioned above but for some reason, I couldn't (it kept on saying that card not accepted) and then it struck me, if jorgen has to buy it for me, why can't he do it with his account and send it over to my address. We started discussing this yesterday and jorgen has agreed to buy it. Why this iron, well it's the only iron that suits all conditions- replaceable tip, temperature controlled and under $20...

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i have a 25 watt weller but you have to wait 10 mins for it to heet up i got it for $10 at coles and i like it becus its a good low heet its ic frendly 

Well, I need it to be temperature controlled with replaceable tip as while a normal iron is good enough for through hole work, I don't thing it'll he good enough for smd stuff...
It has replaceable tips and you can buy um with stations

you can the soldering iron as you want here

I find 2 faults with that, both fatal-
  1. It'll also require me to build a temperature controller as I've got to do smd stuff. Even though it says that it holds the temperature, I don't know what temperature it'll be holding so say after 20 mins, it maintains 900° C, well, all of solder is going to vaporize at that temperature.
  2. At 25w, the iron is going to loose temperature pretty quickly. I don't know if it's relevant to smd but after all the comments I've read, it looks lik it'll be better if iron maintains temperature longer.

Isn't there another vendor out there you could go to? Preferably someone who won't charge a fortune worth of shipping costs? I can't imagine you'll find a temp controlled one on such a constrained budget..

Do you really need a temperature controlled iron? I've soldered for more then 15 years with a cheap Weller iron that isn't temperature controlled. And I'm still using the original tip. It's fine for through the hole soldering, for SMD you're probably better of with a temperature controlled iron.

You probably really don't need that much soldering iron.  I think you've been seduced by the "gimicky gadgets" as Dr. Who would put it.  More expensive isn't necessarily more useful.  The only real reason to have a variable temp iron is if you're switching back and forth between metal contents frequently.  If you're just starting out-and it really sounds like you are-then just go with a 25-30W iron with replaceable tips* and don't worry about the bells and whistles.  Unless you plan to do a lot of silver soldering it will be more than enough.  Even SMD doesn't require variable heat necessarily.  Solder melts at around 280C for lead and around 450C for silver no matter whether it's through hole or SMD.  Also, if you're serious about SMD, reflow is probably the way to go (we have experts on this.)

One more thing-you're in Uttar Pradesh according to your profile and Robotshop is Canadian, so be certain that whatever you buy through them that it will plug into your outlets.


*The irons I've been using lately are actually cheaper to buy a whole new iron every time than to replace the tips on the RadioShack model I had before.  I did try a new KIRF Hakko for a while, but that's a different story and I don't want to hijack the thread.

...why I need a temperature controlled iron. The 40W iron I have posted may be crazy enough to damage SMD components. That's why its required. I might not start SMD right now but I'm sure I'll start it within 12 months and with this iron being the last iron I can buy till I start earning (which'll take 4 years minimum as I'll not recieve my B.Tech degree till then), I think you get the point...