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My first picaxe projects

When I first started with picaxe as a microcontroller (a few days ago), I thought on one hand at the space used by it. An arduino board is, depending on the model, 10-15 times larger than a pîcaxe microcontroller ( maybe a little less).There is also the money problem, a picaxe being a lot cheaper than an arduino and on the other hand I can use arduinos to much more complex projects.

I thought that the code will be easy to learn and that i could finish my projects faster, with less space used (you know, the little projects, which do not require 13 digital pins). bullshit. After 3 "something else" projects, total catastrophes, I feel like I loose my head. I underestimated the "basic" programming :) . So I started to learn it well and, after a short time, I could finish my first picaxe project, entirely! It's "Two shoes", the picaxe version, but with a Sharp IR instead of a ultrasonic sensor. 

I will post it soon, I just need to make some mechanical adjustements, and it will be completely finished!