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My first robot

Hi all,

First post.. first robot. :-)


I'm designing my own bot because I cant afford a Nao. I have a 3d printer which I'm slowly getting to grips, this is what I aim to print my bits out on. The bot is designed in sketchup. My idea so far is to print my bot and see what comes next. Installing a Arduino is looking likely with the basics like walk / turn / lie down etc.. coded into it, but with also a connection to the pc where a server type program will run to do most of the calculations. I'm a little stuck on the arms at the moment. Not too fussed if it can pick things up but if it could it would be a big bonus. I've also no idea on what sensors I have access too. All comments / recommendations / advice would be most welcome. Once designed I will release all the bits for others to print.. well thats if I get that far. Thanks Steve
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Many thanks for the warm welcome :-)

Yeah I completely understand about sharing info and helping others. I run afew sites myself and if it wasnt for the members helping each other my sites would of shut years ago.

I code in vb.net and also in flash so I would like to make a really nice interface for it. I want it aware to the point if you start pushing it say backwards it will bend itself forward trying to keep level. I played with the Arduino a little so I'm hoping all this code can be onboard. 

I've done a little bit more on my design now and added some arms. I'm thinking I still need another servo in each to enable them to touch in front but unsure if to use one of them mini micro servos or keep with the same ones.. I might not add them at all to be honest. It's currently running 10 servos.. so I guess it depends if I just have a head that turns or if I want it to look up and down.

Power wise I'm looking at a 9.6 nimh battery.. there are loads on ebay so it will be govened by size. No idea how long it will last.. its a suck it and see I think.

wifi connection I'm hoping for.. will have to see.

Anyway.. on with the design. If you can see something obvious I'm doing wrong or you think somethings not right please chip in. As I really havent got a clue.. lol

again thanks


Hi CdRsKull, 

I ´ve been doing many prototypes with very low success rate. Till I started working with other people and I built on top of what they already had. Most of my difficulties were in implementing mechanics. You see, I am electronics engineer and software was not a problem (at the beginning at least) but I am just too clumsy with tools. 

My advice is that you get on board on some open source project, where there are some guidelines of what already have been proven to work. May be something that you can 3D print. I went crazy with my first legs and loosing balance and frying servos´ gears because of oscillations. 

I clap your initiative of posting here. I´ve been following LMR but never contributed actively. May be somebody with more experience can guide you to some open project. Mine is multiplo (multiplo.org) but I don´t think that I am at the state of encouraging you to build a humanoid based on it. At least not alone... 



I dont know much about building your own humanoid and ive never had the liberty of using a printer more complicated than a cnc laser engraver but i have to say it looks like a nice job in sketchup(the op's image). I totally agree as well; there are a lot of people here who will help you out with your project if you just ask. Kudos to both of you for the opensource. The multiplo project looks pretty cool. I ofc still have tons of legos i collected in my earlier years :P Someday maybe i'll have something worth opensourcing as well.  I've sure used a lot of open source resources.

Oh and i did the same thing. I followed this site since it was small enough to actually see every member's page and read every post. This site is like hackaday for me. I come back every now and then to see all the awesome projects and ideas but i never post on either. I'm glad i finally made an account on here. This place has a great and friendly community unlike other sites *cough*diy*cough*drones*cough*.


Good luck on the projects to both of you! :D