Let's Make Robots!

how computers are made...

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For some reason when I try to look at Targetdg15's profile, it says "Spammer" and won't let me contact him. That sucks because he's probably the closest LMRian in proximity to me. How does that happen? Did I click on a link reporting him as a spammer without knowing it, and if so, how do I undo it?
In this case it might be "Spermer"

I knew there is something alively about computers.

This two components are fundamental building blocks of our global collective mind
and therefore introduce a very unexpected step
in the evolution.

Like life.

Like humans.

Like LMR.


What a great word! It really confuses the iPad too... I like your take on this, Nils!

Saw it on 9gag.com earlier today,

Pro tip: 9gag just steals everything and is always late on things 

Haha, saw that on reddit earlier :D