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Libby Board Co-Processor

Vendor's Description: 

Our Co-Processor chip features -

  1. Simple to use and understand serial user interface. It is jumper selectable for 2400 or 9600 Baud and takes very few bytes to program.

  2. Eight ramping servo controllers - allow smooth starts and stops for modified servo drive motors and slow panning movement of accessory servos. Send two bytes to the Co-Processor to do a ramped move from where the servo is currently to where the command sends it. Ramps are often set only once (again by sending two bytes) at the beginning of the program but they may be reprogrammed whenever desired. You can easily read back the setpoints or current commanded position of any of the servo channels.

  3. Eight timers settable in 20 ms increments allow a processor to continue working rather than stopping for a PAUSE instruction. The processor tests one line to see if any of the timers have timed out. That is a quick I/O bit test so there is little overhead. When a timeout occurs, the user sends one byte and gets back one byte with a bit in it for each timer. The act of reading the status byte resets the flags for the next timeout. The timers are unique in a servo controller and rather easily allow multitasking - In a BASIC Stamp®!

  4. Five channels of 10 bit A/D. Can also be read as 8 bit for times when faster result with less resolution is preferred.

  5. IR Proximity Detector built in. Setting the frequency under program control can change the sensitivity. Two of the servo channels can be dedicated to driving LEDs that indicate the state of the "vision" system.

  6. Two Bumper inputs.

  7. We have a Subsumption Engine that is very useful to wheeled robots. Extensive documentation further on the website and in the Co-Processor manual explain Subsumption and how to use it.

  8. Extensive Co-Processor information in manual for training and programmer's reference.