Let's Make Robots!


Hi all,

Here is a quick build I made today, for the fun of myself and my daughter: Sonibot.

I did this one to see how well modified microservos would do as simple geared motors.

I have some of those cheap chinese blue 9G microservos and this morning I wanted to try to mod them as Oddbot described in his LBD post.

So I opened one up, done away with the electronics, chopped off the stops on the case and the pot. Put it back and tadaa real small geared motor !

The results are pretty good :) These guys are pretty well downgeared and pack a lot of torque (well enough to strip gears if not careful).

I'm using RoBotX's uBotino as the brains and a HC-SR04 on a servo as eyes.

I just loaded RoBotX's Julia sketch (with some pin swapping) and here we are: a little StartHere like Arduino based bot :D

It's all made of styro board and hot glue and with a plastic ball as a caster. The wheels are Meccano ... I always wanted to have them on a bot :)

This was done in about an hour with the cutting included.

Here is the back side:


From Share

Hope you like it Cheers !

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Fast, small and cute! Great job! :D

Cool, and it's quite fast. I did not know that thiose servos can run that fast.

... with the electronics cut out and big wheels :D

I intend to try driving a small threaded tank with them ... see how that goes.

I too want to see their performance with tracks on. In the video they look pretty fast and accurate too, btw any longer vid of it?

... kidnapped by my daughter ... when she releases it I'll get to play some more :)

Tracks ... it will be a little slower as the wheels will be smaller but I think for something small it should be fun ... will test when I get to, first I need to design a case to use.



Yes it's cute ... and my daugter fell in love with it :)

No way for me to take it away from her to play programming on it at least for a week until se get's bored.

What a cute little robot!

Great job! It seems very zippy!

nice :D