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KUBOT - Body

KUBOT is my humanoid robot (attempt) and also my first robot! I first decided to make a robotic arm as a beginner. Then tought, why not making two of them connected to a torso and a head top of it. It become a great experience for me. I had encountered with many failures. For example, I tried to make a good gripper but failed always. It can hardly carry about 30 gr at the tips of the arms. Arms have 5 DOF and Head 2DOF. There were servo-activated mouth and eyes. I had great dreams on that robot but now it's a project standing on one side on the workshop.

Parts of Robot:

 - 3mm, 5mm and 10 mm Laser-cut-Acrylic sheets

 - 4 x Hextronik HX12K (15kgcm, 55gr)

 - 7 x Hobbyking HK15148 (2.5kgcm, 17gr) 

 - Some Plastic Bearings for each servo

 - DFRobot's SSC32 Controller

 - Arduino UNO

 - Easy VR VoiceRecognition Shield

 - Ultrasonic Sensor 

 - 2 x Tilt sensor

 - IR Motion Sensor

 - 2 x Sound Sensor


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That is a really slick looking torso there. Are those ping-pong balls with sharpied irises btw? they look great. Love the clear acrylic too. Really shows off the construction. looks nice. What do you plan on programming it to do?

Thanks. Actually I was planning to use Arduino with EasyVR speech recognition shield. It would also send serial commands to SSC32 and also read sensor values. What I did lastly was, saying "Hi" to the robot, and he says "Hello" and shakes hand. Now it is out of order. . .

this looks awesome!!! gonna follow this along with the kubot legs!!

Don't give up. This is already a great success. Just continue!

I have stronger motors now. I definetely sure that they are good for strengthing the arms. However, I don't have motivation on continuing on that. If I would build a good biped legs, I will design a new torso with a better design, black and smaller.

hello i find your project so nice

but it is possible to build it?

where can i find plans for build the same

thank you