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KUBOT - Legs

Walking, standing, sitting down

Here is my current project, bipedal robot. Nowadays, I am trying to make it walking. Harder than I thought before. It has 6 DOF per leg.

Parts of Robot:

 - 3mm, 5mm and 10mm Laser-cut-Acrylic sheets (Black)

 - 12 x Hobbyking HK15298B Servo Motors (7.4V / 20kgcm / ~68gr) (http://tinyurl.com/d8ca5ls)

 - Pololu Mini Maestro 24

 - Turnigy 4500mAh 2S Lipo


More update and Videos will arrive soon...

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Bipeds are great! LMR need more bipeds here! And your construction is so cool. Let's make it walk!

Thank you Dickel. Yours is more impressive. It's good with even 9gr mini servos! I use servos with 20kgcm torque but not satisfactory results are achived yet. . .



if you're having issues (as stated in your torso project) try to go simple and work your way up. Like making a smaller version or using dc motors with pot sensors if you can't get enough torque. Maybe go for less DOF...