Let's Make Robots!

Almost got my stuffs for learning to build a first beginner robot

I just got almost all of my packages for starting with robotic and I am thrilled but lately busy with my work so probably will start to work on it soon once I got all  my stuffs :D

To be continued...

I wish to build a humanoid and I check LMR by the keyword humanoid we have several projects but some of them I don't understand :D because I am just a beginner I guess. And to build an autonormous humanoid it will involve with lots of math calculation and honestly, I am not good at math :(.

And here is the one I just bought because I like humanoid but it is not a humanoid just a toy body only :(.

But it is not hurt to dream! maybe I can bring it into life and play football in the field.


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You are one lucky dude that you can say almost!! :)
Btw, what are those gloves for? Are you welding something? Because I don't expect you to burn the skin off your hand while soldering... :)

Yes has ha just saying :)

Not even start building one robot yet and I just followed the book for the first chapter :D and he recommened to buy that glove for chemical protection so I just bought all materials listed in the book I am currently reading.


haha, the heavy duty glove was what caught my eye also...

Regardless, a soldering iron can do quite a lot of damage. However, a heavy duty glove like that I can only imagine it gets in the way of properly dealing with a soldering iron. So for Sho's sake I hope he only intends to use that glove in said chemical handling, which I imagine it would only happen during PCB fabrication...

Like solding sometimes involved with cancer if sth included with LED.



wow! that's a lot of stuff!!!

Agreed. What are you planning to make first? (or you could very well have enough to have planned out your second and third ;)

GeneralGeek Geek :D,

I wish to build Line following robot first!




Has ha yes some are very tiny stuffs!



Indeed, that's a lot of stuff. What book are you reading...that makes you ordeering that nmuch stuff?

Haha, zhe gloves was also the first thing i was wondering...but as some already said, better to have it when you need it. For PCB production i would recommend some less heavy ones LOL


This book Robot Building for Beginners (Technology in Action) by David Cook.

But some other stuffs I bought while following the robot built by our friends here at LMR so not all of them are listed in the book.