Let's Make Robots!

Almost got my stuffs for learning to build a first beginner robot

I just got almost all of my packages for starting with robotic and I am thrilled but lately busy with my work so probably will start to work on it soon once I got all  my stuffs :D

To be continued...

I wish to build a humanoid and I check LMR by the keyword humanoid we have several projects but some of them I don't understand :D because I am just a beginner I guess. And to build an autonormous humanoid it will involve with lots of math calculation and honestly, I am not good at math :(.

And here is the one I just bought because I like humanoid but it is not a humanoid just a toy body only :(.

But it is not hurt to dream! maybe I can bring it into life and play football in the field.


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I am glad that you take time to learn from a book. But honestly, books are just a guide, you will learn much more by doing the actual task. Once you got all your ordered parts and tools just start building something. Start make the LED blinking...learn how to program. Once the LED is blinking make a servo moving. Since you have a programmer background that should not be that hard ;-)

I understand that humanoid bots are very attractive but for beginners it's a nogo. When I startet thinking about to fly model helicopters i checked out the model flight feld near my home and did talk with the guys there. They suggested me to start with a plane snce helcopters are hard to fly (at least at that time) and much more expensive. As the result i spend only 1/5 of the money on a complet model plane set with everything (remote, starter, fuel, tools, starter battery etc). I had so much fun with it that I not regret my decision. I am still looking at a helicopter but i would never miss the experience with model planes.

What i want to say is that you can dream but also get into the fun by choosing something else.

I am looking forward to your first project.


Yes you are right! I will go with small robot and get my hand dirty is much better than reading the book.



Ok, good :)

But don't get me wrong, the book is a good guide when you are still not certain with some procedures. Just use it as the guid when you stucking ;-)