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Baby's First Hexapod

Hey party people, how goes?
I'm a recent engineering college grad and I finally have enough money and time to work on a few projects I've put off for the past few years.

The first project I want to pursue is a hexapod development platform to learn some programming and locomotion basics and then build upon that.

I know there are a lot of kits on the market, I'm leaning towards buying one of those since I don't have the tools to make my own frame, etc. Are there any kits you'd recommend for a beginner? What do I need computing wise for said kit? Would I be able to add on sensors and other devices in the future?

Some tidbits to help you gauge my background: I've done a few arduino projects in the past, I studied a bit of open link arm planning in college, and I've done a little work with PLCs (motion control, in particular).

I appreciate any help you can give!

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At about 1/5th - 1/20th the cost of any other hexapod kit ob the market I highly recommend it.  They've currently got a huge backlog due to their kickstarter campaign, but if you can wait a few months they've got everything you're asking for.


Thanks for the recommendation! That looks awesome, but I'm really hoping to escape from arduinos. The whole board is pretty much set up for plug and play, I'd like to step it up a notch and play with some other microcontrollers that aren't necessarily set up to that extent. Plus I'm too impatient for a few months, haha.

You can always create and build your own board using an ATMega and then just check this forum for Hexabots. You will find a lot of them, low cost and easy to build.