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HII, i need a little help for my final year project . i and my  group need to make a project in 3 months , the problem is i am not able to think of an big idea can anyone pls suggest one . projects on this website r excellent but wat my sir need is a project which can be very usefull to people , and has some real time application . 



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Oh, i am so sad. Literally you said "there is no useful project on LMR" :-(

But I got it...know what you mean. Actually there are some social robots, butler robots and lawn mowers. Three months is not a very long time if you still have no idea.

arduino is the perfect thing several home control apps, like temperature control, turning on the lights when somebody's coming and stuff like that.

Two words:

Doomsday device.

Max I run propane lines all day long have not blown any one up yet 30 years and going strong, but I would like to see some more safety devices, the shut down on smoke alarm signal seems like a no brainer, and if you could figure a way to shut the gas down if some one hit it with a nail gun that would be cool to


How about a home safety system, fire alarm gas sensors co propane butane what ever and control to take action it smell gas it shuts down the gas valve, it see;s its dark it turns on the stair lights when some one is coming, not as racy as a segway but a lot more useful for most folks, control heat a/c water pump add some features so that yea it costs but it makes you safer and save you money on your bills, if you forget have it turn lights tv and other stuff off



segway is a very good robot , i can use its concept of balancing to be part of  of some bigger bot . Any more ideas ...............


There is not one thing that I can think of suggesting you, there are millions!! That's the beauty of this site. You can build anything you like. If I were you (and didn't have to do one project), I'd end up trying to (re)create everything that's on this site. For one project, choose what ever you think is awesome. Then try to create a prototype of it. Then modify it to make your own personal creation. I bet, it'll be a awesome!!

You have a segway in your collection. Go for it. It's going to be a blast!