Let's Make Robots!


Hi Folks. This is a introduction of who I am and what I do.

My main interests is in advanced costumes and animatronic.  For example you may have seen movies like Predator or Underworld where the actor wears a costume that has a lot of servo's in it to make that character come to life.

One could say that a costume of that complexity is basically a robot that you can wear. Especially if  a lot of the emotions are preprogrammed into the costume and triggeed by outside events.

With high level costumes one generally has a team off to one side controlling the suit via R/C. But when one is a hobbiest and you only have yourself to control everything you need to take shortcuts.

Voice control (EasyVR) is one way with a throat mike to tell a controller (PicAxe/Arduino/Propellor) to make your character smile, snarl, shout, and show other emotions.

Directional mic's can be used to make the ears respond to levels or sound and even direct themselves to the loudest sound.

Flex sensors behind the knees tall the tail when to swing in time with your gait, or when you are standng still.

The list goes on.  So although I do not make robots per se - I feel that my interests do work hand in hand with the rest of the community here.


Take Care


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Hi, newbie, here, followed your trail here and joined.  Wondering how far you've come on the suit design?  Been trying to follow it, for over a year.  How well does the stereo-vision adjust, for glasses?  Have you overcome the heat-up, in the suit, other than removing and forced-air drying when not wearing it?  How well are the stilts working, or are they taking a lot of physical fitness to use?

Also from me a welcome. your interests are already quite advanced, hope to see some physical results soon ;-)

welcome to LMR! this is a lovely community suited for you then! i love animatronics!