Let's Make Robots!

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Maxhirez's picture

I can't wait to see it in the maze!

R2-D2's picture

Yeah.as soon as I get my battery back.I will work on that.

MetalmonkeeLad's picture

this is so amazing! specially the chassis, what kind of material did you use for the chassis?

R2-D2's picture

Well.don't laugh..

my wordrobe aluminium hanger(the rods)  and the white plastic is my broken land phone holder. 

Dipanjan's picture

wow! I hope you can teach me to use such materials. Really nice bot.

BotFIN's picture

Wow! I couldn't guess that!

birdmun's picture

Nice write up. I hope you get more funds to be able to continue your robot.

R2-D2's picture