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Can solve maze via ultrasound,Can grab object via ultrasound
blood.pde6.24 KB

Forgive my poor english..

Many thanks to LMR and special thanks to   BIRDMUN , ANTONIO.CACIUC,BASILE and   peter ROBOTFREAK

This is my first robot that is capable of solving maze(i havn't built any maze yet)


this is the begaining

The Face..(I know the cuttings are not perfect.I cut it with a soldering iron.)

The Shell..

The Block diagram

The Circuit Diagram

the thing its do is very simple.(in the image it is described)

1>it turns left in case of front obstacle.

2>it turns right in case of front and left obstacle.

3>it turns left in case of front and right obstacle.

4>it turns 180 degrees in case of front and right and left side blocked.

5>if it turns 180 degrees and then again finds obstacle.then it stops and if it is already grabbing any object,drop it.


i tried to give it a better look..and in the end I came up with this..

***on the video the 3rd turn was not perfect(180 degree)because i gave it 1 sec delay before detecting object.and i raised my hand before detecting it.Sorry for that.I thought about making a new video.bt the battery got damaged and I am running out of money.so I will give it a try some day


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Nice write up. I hope you get more funds to be able to continue your robot.


this is so amazing! specially the chassis, what kind of material did you use for the chassis?

Well.don't laugh..

my wordrobe aluminium hanger(the rods)  and the white plastic is my broken land phone holder. 

Wow! I couldn't guess that!

wow! I hope you can teach me to use such materials. Really nice bot.