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Little Line and Ledge Bot

Line Follow, DeskBot, IR R/C, Bump-n-Turn

Little Line and Ledge Bot


***UPDATE 8.3.12***

Added video of desktop/ bump and turn routine

(Top Video)


Well, its about time!
I finally got around to designing a good, solid line and ledge bot. This little guy is set up for lines, mazes and ledges (deskbot) with its 5-sensor bar up front. Three sensors are mounted together in the center, spaced to match the width of electrical tape. Two more sensors are mounted to the far outsides. These two extra sensors are slightly wider than the wheels and thus, can detect an edge with plenty of time to stop or change direction. They are also super handy when used as a maze-solving robot --the 2 outside sensors are just what you need when following courses with 90 degree turns. 

On top of all this line-follow goodness, we add a Dagu Micro Magian Board:

  • Atmega168 (Speaking Arduino)
  • On-board USB
  • Sweet motor driver (with brakes)
  • 3 axis accelerometer (not only a "tilt" sensor, but can also detect impacts as well --Create a bump-and-turn bot without the bump switches!
  • On board IR sensor --Control this bot via IR with any Sony or Universal TV remote control
There is even a cut-out for a micro servo added to the chassis if you ever want to add a "head" or pan and tilt kit to your bot.

Included in the Kit:
  • Laser cut acrylic chassis
  • All hardware needed for assembly
  • 120:1 geared motors
  • 60mm wheels
  • 4 AAA battery holder
  • Line Follow sensor bar
  • All wires, jumpers and doo-dads needed for assembly
  • Micro Magician board
**Available as no-solder kit!

This robot can be used as a "ledge finder" and/or "deskbot". This means, of course, that this robot will be around ledges. It is a true possibility that this robot may miss said ledge and take a tumble to the floor. Good code and observation will prevent this from happening.
It is your responsibility to protect this robot from falling. Code well, test your stuff. Do not trust code from RBS or others to "just work" --You must do your testing and homework before you let this guy roam your desktop. 
If for some reason you do break something, please email me. I am a very nice guy and will probably take pity on you. I will be sure you get replacement parts and I won't cost you an arm and leg. Promise.


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The beard is larger than the bot in the video.  It's the star of the show.

...and if I were to be totally honest with you, my desk was a complete mess when I shot the videos. :)

Yes, I could not agree more that there needs to be a deskbot/ bump-and-turn-bot coded and video'ed. I am on it.

Its about time I clean my desk anyway.  :)

The beard became sentient at around 12:30 two days ago. Whatever control I thought I had is now gone.

I do what the beard tells me to do.

Your beard + your comment on it always reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YTjKeHXe2c


Ok, since the beard is in control I will address my request to the beard. Despite having quite a thick bear once myself it never became sentient so I am not sure how you respectfully address a sentient beard. I assume sir or madam won't work.


Dear Overlord Underfuzz,

Please instruct your humble servant known to us as Chris the Carpenter (one of us, one of us...) to create a demo video of the robot on a desktop where the accelerometer is used in conjunction with edge detection so that it can navigate arount the computer and other possibly sentient desk inhabitants without falling off.

May I suggest you be absent from the video as those who watch it are not worthy to bask in your radiance.

Your humble, beardless servant, (my wife doesn't like it)

"... bask in your radiance."


this looks awesome!

The video caught my eyes esp, with beard lol

Sounds like I should be out buying a micro magician ;) :P :O (right after I get some money for that wiicam board!)

It is the accelerometer that is on board the Micro Magician. It works great, will give you tilt or impact data, and the library takes care of all the hard stuff (code wise) for you.