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First look at a Hexbug Spider

Opening it up to see what's inside.

I recently bought a Hexbug Spider after seeing one in an Instructable.  The thing which impressed me was the unique directional control. The spider changes direction without turning by changing the leg sequencing and uses just 2 motors.  It's based on work done by Jamie Mantzel, (although he is not credited by Hexbug) and comes with IR control - rotate left / right, move forward / backwards.  Build quality is really good and it comes apart with a single screw for the 'carapace' and three more to get to the circuit board.  The next set of screws gets to the heart of the mechanics, but I didn't want to risk disconnecting something so haven't gone further.

Inside there's a double sided PCB with a 14 pin MCU on one side and a dual H-bridge driver on the other.  The other device is a combined red LED and IR receiver.  It's a simple enough job to remove the MCU to get to the H-bridge inputs directly, then add sensors and patch on an MCU of your choice.  When time allows I'll be grafting in a rangefinder, light sensor and Picaxe 14m2 to make the spider autonomous. 

All I've done so far is to replace the 3 x button cells (max 4.5V) with a lithium ion battery (3.7V to 4.2V).  This works fine and the robot stomps around with no reduction in speed.  Probably because there's less voltage drop on load with the beefier LiIon cell.

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Any thoughts on my embedding problem :

Video is marked as public.  I'm getting "You have specified an invalid media URL or embed code" when I try to add it.  I'm right-clicking the video and copying the embed code (also the URL does it).  Should this be pasted in full into the LMR edit page or does it need some trimming first?

You need the youtube URL that is in the address field of the browser. Not the code you get from the share feature that is underneath the video.

Copy&paste the address content. Then you should be fine.

Nope, that gives me the same error.

(Bah - Should have been a reply to below.)

Paste the URL here (as a comment) for further investigation.

This is the URL from the navigation bar :


This is right-click, 'copy video URL' on the video (same) :


This is right-click, 'copy embed code' :

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YFEI0ysf11U?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

All of these give the error mentioned. 

(Off to bed now - I'll pick this up tomorrow.)



You have to tick the "Use old embed code" box. The the code that appears to be shared starts with something like:

'<object width="420" height="315" '..... 

then you can use that code here on lmr site in the video add lines.




It's easy when you do it properly!

Video now embedded.

(Raised request for admin to delete these comments.)




should be able to be embeded properly.

really interested in this hack! Im looking to make a mini band of creepy crawlers lol. Does it seem easily hack-able?


Isn't this the same company that ripped off Jamie's idea without paying him a cent? I'm pretty sure it looks like the one Jamie Mantzel did a video about. Anyway he was right his spider tank has turned out much better.