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Advance Animatronic Werewolf Head

This will be an advance animatronic werewolf head.


1. Vision through camera's with IR (night) vision capability
2. Dual stereoscopic video glasses used for vision
3. Propellor Backpack for OSD on suit status
4. Preprogrammed emotions that can be run by wearer

Many of you have seen such movied like Underworld where the actors are wearing impressive and realistic costumes. Unfortunately what you don't see is the team of controllers in the background with their multiple remote controls making the character snarl, grin etc.
Unfortunately if you are one person (hobbist) who has made such a costume you don't have the luxury of a team to help you. So you need to have a way to make pre-programmed sets of emotions, and a way to trigger them without the audience being aware of this.

Website for construction so far

Video glasses with Propellor Backpack for OSD. Sonar is used to use Parralax problems of stereo cameras http://www.marcwolf.org/gallery/default.aspx?aid=3

Jaws with movable tongue http://www.marcwolf.org/gallery/default.aspx?aid=4

Digigrade legs a.k.a. for werewolf style stilts  http://www.marcwolf.org/gallery/default.aspx?aid=5

As mentioned this is a long term project that will encompass many experiments in technologies.

The end result must be cheap so that hobbists can make suits etc but not a production studio prices.

Take Care Dave