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Electronic components newbie help

Well I'm not technically a newbie, but I forgot a lot of this stuff so :P

Basically I was reading up on what are good general components to get, and I've made a cart with Jameco electronics (the easiest site for me to understand their ordering process).

What do you all think? Is this a good selection? (Note: the resistor assortment bag goes from 10 to 5.6m Ohms. I would assume this includes the K range of ohms, right?)


 Description  Quantity  Unit Cost  Total
@CAP,CER,RADIAL,0.1UF, 10 $0.14 $1.40
@ CAP,RADIAL10uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.09 $0.90
25VDC,1000UF,10X20 LS 5MM 10 $0.35 $3.50
@ CAP,RADIAL,470uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.19 $1.90
@ CAP,RADIAL,220uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.12 $1.20
@ CAP,RADIAL,100uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.10 $1.00
@ CAP,RADIAL,4.7uF,50V,20%,85C 10 $0.07 $0.70
@CAP,RADIAL,2.2uF,50V,20%,85C 10 $0.09 $0.90
@ CAP,RADIAL,22uF,50V,20%,85C 10 $0.07 $0.70
@ CAP,RADIAL,1UF,25V, 10 $0.08 $0.80
@CAP,MONO,.47uF,50V,20% 10 $0.17 $1.70
@CAP,MONO,.22uF,50V,20% 10 $0.15 $1.50
RESISTOR ASST,1/4W,5%, 1 $10.95 $10.95
     Subtotal $37.10

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I see resistor assortments all over the place, but have yet to find comparable packs of capacitors. When I was still working on electronics for a living, all I had to contend with were electrolytics and ceramics.


I would buy more resistors of the more common type.

Like 330 ohm for LED, 
1k, 3.3k, 10k for pull-up or similar.

These you will quick run out of. 

Hi everybody,
i'm about to start building my first robot and wanted to build some stock of basic components such as leds, capacitors and resistors. Now i see there are a lot of different resistor materials, it seems to me that most standard carbon 5% resistors are sufficient for most projects, is it usefull to look at other assortments of more precise resistors?


Very few circuits require more than about 25% tolerance, and they let you know if they do (ie, you can probably get away with a 4.7k Ω resistor if a 5.1k is called for unless it says otherwise.)  Most 5% tolerance resistors are within tenths of a percent of their rating when you put them on a multimeter anyway.  Like most other open ended questions, the answer depends specifically on what you want to do with them.  If you're building a 555 LED flasher that's one thing, but if you're making a pacemaker, that's quite another.

Thanks for the quick reply, as i'm not planning to build pacemakers or other life-threatening equipment on short term ;) i quess i'll just go for standard resistors

Buy a lot of 0,1uF ceramic caps. These are the most used for decoupling.

Hi, a couple of capacitor assortments with 100's of them... here: http://goo.gl/ve0zD


I've been looking at all the wrong sites. Thanks, Terry.

Yep, looks like Terry has the best price for the quantity and selection :) Thanks!

PS: Don't forget to ask for the LMR 5% discount after you sign up..