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Electronic components newbie help

Well I'm not technically a newbie, but I forgot a lot of this stuff so :P

Basically I was reading up on what are good general components to get, and I've made a cart with Jameco electronics (the easiest site for me to understand their ordering process).

What do you all think? Is this a good selection? (Note: the resistor assortment bag goes from 10 to 5.6m Ohms. I would assume this includes the K range of ohms, right?)


 Description  Quantity  Unit Cost  Total
@CAP,CER,RADIAL,0.1UF, 10 $0.14 $1.40
@ CAP,RADIAL10uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.09 $0.90
25VDC,1000UF,10X20 LS 5MM 10 $0.35 $3.50
@ CAP,RADIAL,470uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.19 $1.90
@ CAP,RADIAL,220uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.12 $1.20
@ CAP,RADIAL,100uF,25V,20%,85C 10 $0.10 $1.00
@ CAP,RADIAL,4.7uF,50V,20%,85C 10 $0.07 $0.70
@CAP,RADIAL,2.2uF,50V,20%,85C 10 $0.09 $0.90
@ CAP,RADIAL,22uF,50V,20%,85C 10 $0.07 $0.70
@ CAP,RADIAL,1UF,25V, 10 $0.08 $0.80
@CAP,MONO,.47uF,50V,20% 10 $0.17 $1.70
@CAP,MONO,.22uF,50V,20% 10 $0.15 $1.50
RESISTOR ASST,1/4W,5%, 1 $10.95 $10.95
     Subtotal $37.10

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No matter how much you stock up there's always something your missing for the next project.. The main thing to do is learn to be happy with side projects you do have parts for while your waiting for the missing parts for your current project.

Quote:  Basically I feel that I'm just missing many of the passive components like caps and resistors :)

I've tried to put together a lot of the passives here:  http://goo.gl/w9mR2  

Let me know if there are other components you wish were available at a good price...

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods in Vermont, USA terry@yourduino.com

PS: Don't forget to ask for the LMR 5% discount after you sign up...

I'm short on caps. I see resistor assortments all over the place, but have yet to find comparable packs of capacitors. When I was still working on electronics for a living, all I had to contend with were electrolytics and ceramics. Now there's all kinds! I'm finding them confusing.


It almost makes me wish for a tube-based Arduino ;-)

Hi, a couple of capacitor assortments with 100's of them... here: http://goo.gl/ve0zD


I've been looking at all the wrong sites. Thanks, Terry.

Yep, looks like Terry has the best price for the quantity and selection :) Thanks!

PS: Don't forget to ask for the LMR 5% discount after you sign up..

That's right! Every little bit helps. I saw a 3000 Farad capacitor for sale on ebay yesterday. When I was in tron school, the instructors always explained that the larger the capacitance, the larger the physical size would be.

A 100 Farad cap then would have been as big as a large trashcan. That 3000 Farad monster was about the size of a large can of Red Bull or Starbucks coffee. Since they use them in cars for power storage, I started thinking about how great that would be to use for an long running mobile arduino project.


I'm actually selling two huge electrolytic capacitors on ebay right now, a 40,000uF cap and a 10,000 cap. 50 and 100vdc rated. If anyone's interested ^_^.

Hi everybody,
i'm about to start building my first robot and wanted to build some stock of basic components such as leds, capacitors and resistors. Now i see there are a lot of different resistor materials, it seems to me that most standard carbon 5% resistors are sufficient for most projects, is it usefull to look at other assortments of more precise resistors?