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Stan Winston has a School

Anyone who has an interest in Special Effects knows who Stan Winston is.  For those who don't he is one of the pioneers of special effects and creature construction. Think  the Terminator , Aliens and you start to know who he is.




Sadly Stan is no longer with us however his legacy lives on - and this studio as a range on on-line video's (or you can purchase them) on a range of tropics from  Cable control (tails, tenticles) , animatronic controls, hair punching ans basically anything else you are intersting in.


The prices are pretty good.  $49.95 per month for a subscription to all video's, or $19.95 per video (unlimited)

You can also buy the DVD's.  Each lession is about 2.5 hours long broken into chapters, and they are aimed at the semi competent experimentor.. By that I mean they don't teach you how to drill or cut. It is assumed that you know what a workshop is and  ow to do basic skills.


Anyway - I'm currently watching the cable one and its fantatastic


Take Care